About Me

Why did you create Millennial Savvy?

After spending the majority of my graduate program studying how businesses, politicians, and media organizations communicate to and about the Millennial Generation, I realized there has to be a better approach than mocking Millennials as consumers, employees, and human beings. As a Millennial and marketing strategist myself, I have a personal and professional understanding of what it takes to reach Millennial-aged consumers. In other words, I created Millennial Savvy to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and nonprofit organizations optimize their marketing strategies tailored to Millennial audiences.

How are you different from other Millennial or generation “experts?”

  • I’ve spent thousands of hours researching about the Millennial Generation. I’ve read countless reports, surveys, academic articles, corporate publications, books, news stories, and infographics on this consumer demographic so you don’t have to!


  • I come from a marketing background. Many consultants have either one or the other: years of experience in marketing (offline and online) or extensive background knowledge on the Millennial demographic. Luckily for you: I have both!


  • I am actually a Millennial. Born in 1991, I fall right in the middle of the Millennial Generation. I’ve noticed many of the experts on Millennials are much older than the Millennial demographic, which means they’re missing out on the unique insight you get by growing up and living with the Millennial label.


  • I strive to balance quantitative and qualitative approaches to Millennial-related matters. It’s not enough to simply know the statistics anymore; businesses and entrepreneurs need to truly understand their Millennial audiences (they’re not snowflakes, but they don’t want to be talked down to either!). Optimal marketing strategies demand a quantitative and qualitative approach to build relationships with Millennial consumers and drive sales.


What’s your experience?

  • Graduate student in Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach. I specialize in intergenerational communication, market research for the Millennial demographic and digitalized mass media studies. My Master’s thesis examines the relationship between management-oriented communication and the Millennial Generation.
  • Top paper panelist in the American Studies division at the 2017 National Communication Association’s conference in Dallas, TX with my research paper on anti-Millennial stereotypes in media.
  • Former journalist for the Orange County Register’s Business section.
  • Former marketing coordinator for the Orange County Register. If you can learn how to market a newspaper in this day and age, then you can learn how to market anything.
  • 8+ years of experience as a freelance writer and social media consultant for a variety of industries, especially: education, small business/personal finance, health/fitness, and pet ownership.


What services do you offer?

In a nutshell: many! Visit my Services page or contact me to learn more.


What’s with the avocado?

The biggest issue everyone seems to have with the Millennial Generation is that they don’t understand them. To me, nothing exemplifies this disconnect more than millionaire real estate mogul Tim Gurner’s interview with “60 Minutes,” in which he implied that young people (Millennials) are wasting all their money on avocado toast instead of saving for their own homes. Since the purpose of this website is to help you become more savvy (dictionary definition: “shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments”), I’ll help you improve your marketing strategies instead of blaming random objects like avocados for Millennials’ disinterest in your products or services.